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Freelancers Tools Table

wdt_IDCategoryLicenseFolderSubfolder1Subfolder2Subfolder3No.NameBest 3Our recommendationsBasic packTools on FTDescriptionReview
1WP pluginsFreeSystemHosting01-01WP Server StatsYesNoNoNoMonitor your WP site at it’s core level
2WP pluginsFreeSystemHosting01-02WP-ServerInfoYesNoNoNoMonitor your WP site at it’s core level
3WP pluginsFreeSystemHosting01-03Server IP & Memory Usage DisplayYesNoNoNoDisplays the memory limit, current memory usage, WP Memory Limit, IP address and PHP version in the admin footer
4WP pluginsFreeSystemHosting02-01PHP Compatibility CheckerYesNoNoNoChecks PHP version compatibility
6WP pluginsFreeSystemHosting03-01My WordPress Health CheckYesNoNoNoChecks your WP installation to ensure that it is healthy, up to date, and secure
7WP pluginsFreeSystemInstall01-01WPCore Plugin ManagerYesNoNoNoManage collections of WP plugins and quickly install them
8WP pluginsFreeSystemInstall02-01Easy Theme and Plugin UpgradesYesYesYesYesAutomatically upgrading the theme or plugin by supplying a zip file if it already exists
9WP pluginsFreeSystemInstall03-01WP RollbackYesNoNoNoRollback any theme or plugin from to any previous (or newer) version
10WP pluginsFreeSystemInstall04-01Simply StaticYesNoNoNoA static site generator for WP
11WP pluginsFreeSystemManaging sites01-01MainWP ChildYesYesYesYesSecurely manage multiple WP websites from your MainWP Dashboard
CategoryLicenseFolderSubfolder1Subfolder2Subfolder3Best 3Our recommendationsBasic packTools on FT


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