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Android apps DataTable

wdt_IDcategoryLicenseFolderSubfolder1Subfolder2Subfolder3No.NameBest 3Our recommendationsBasic packTools on FTDescriptionReview
3811Android appsFreeSystemChecking01-01 FingYesYesNoNoScan any network and discover all connected devices quickly and accurately
3812Android appsFreeSystemChecking01-02 WiFiAnalyzerYesNoNoNoOptimize your WiFi network
3813Android appsFreeSystemChecking01-03 OpenSignalYesNoNoNoHelp you accurately measure the everyday experience you receive on your mobile network
3814Android appsFreeSystemMonitoring01-01 Uptime RobotYesYesNoNoA free uptime monitoring service that supports multiple monitoring types
3815Android appsFreeSystemMonitoring02-01 My Data ManagerYesYesNoNoThe best app to help you take control of your mobile data usage and save money on your monthly phone bill
3816Android appsFreeSystemMonitoring02-02 WatchdogYesNoNoNoMonitors your Mobile and WiFi Internet data usage
3817Android appsFreeSystemMonitoring03-01 AppDetoxYesNoNoNoCalm down your mobile app usage, and take a digital detox
3818Android appsFreemiumSystemMonitoring01-01 Clean HistoryYesNoNoNoClean history ,protect your personal privacy , save your disk space ,make your phone's speed more faster.
3819Android appsFreemiumSystemMonitoring02-01 SD MaidYesNoNoNoKeep your device clean and tidy
3820Android appsFreemiumSystemMonitoring03-01 ClipperYesNoNoNoA powerful clipboard manager
LicenseFolderNameBest 3Our recommendationsBasic packTools on FT