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Web apps DataTable

wdt_IDcategoryLicenseFolderSubfolder1Subfolder2Subfolder3No.NameBest 3Our recommendationsBasic packTools on FTDescriptionReview
1641Web appsFreeSystemChecking01-01BuiltwithYesYesNoNoFind out what websites are Built With
1643Web appsFreeSystemChecking02-02Is it WordPress?YesNoNoNoGet information about their WordPress hosting, WordPress theme, WordPress plugins, & more.
1644Web appsFreeSystemChecking03-01WordPress Theme DetectorYesNoNoNoAllows you to find all the details about the WordPress theme and plugins currently being used by a site.
1645Web appsFreeSystemChecking03-02ScanWPYesNoNoNoDetect almost any plugin being used on a Wordpress site along with the theme being used.
1646Web appsFreeSystemChecking03-03What WordPress Theme Is That?YesNoNoNoAllows you to easily detect what WordPress theme site uses. Additionally, it will also detect what WordPress Plugins are being used.
1648Web appsFreeSystemChecking03-04WordPress Theme DetectorNoNoNoNoYou can use to primarily detect the theme of a particular WordPress site.
1649Web appsFreeSystemChecking03-05Whoiswp.comNoNoNoNoFind out what WordPress theme a site is using.
1651Web appsFreeSystemChecking03-06What Theme?NoNoNoNoDiscover what theme is used on your favorite website. Create a similar website with the one you like.
1652Web appsFreeSystemChecking04-01CheckerYesNoNoNoFind plugins installed on WordPress powered sites.
1653Web appsFreeSystemChecking05-01Support DetailsYesNoNoNoInspects your computer for what hardware you have and what options are enabled.
LicenseFolderSubfolder1Subfolder2Subfolder3Best 3Our recommendationsBasic packTools on FT